Oct 7, 2013

Horror Comic History - Web of Mystery

Over the next few days, I'll be unearthing some vintage horror comics. Back before the Comics Code Authority was created in 1954, there were more horror comics on the newsstand than you could shake a broom at! If you ever hear the term "pre-code" when talking about comics, that's the good ol' CCA. They managed to ban vampires, werewolves and zombies from comics as well as the words "horror" and "terror" from the titles. Jinkies!

That all came about after a subcommittee was formed to look into how crime and horror comics impacted juvenile delinquency. Issue 19 of Ace Comics' Web of Mystery was one of the comics brought in as evidence. You can see all the comics brought forth on here.

A lot of horror fans probably know the likes of Eerie, Creepy and Tales from the Crypt and other big name vintage horror comics. My intent with these posts is to dig up some of these more obscure and/or forgotten tales while tracing back the roots of where horror comics got started. While the stories may be dated, this is a particular kind of horror that I enjoy, especially some of the incredible covers.

Web of Mystery ran for 29 issues, from February 1951 to September 1955.

ace comics web of mystery 17

If you want to read any of the books in this post, head over to Comic Book Plus, the largest free and legal comic archive online. You can read in your browser or download them if you register for free!

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  1. Sadly, all but one of the comic cover pics weren't viewable.

  2. Only one of the covers are shown Dex but it's a great one.

  3. Thanks for letting me know. I was afraid something was going to happen when I set these up a couple weeks ago.