Oct 2, 2013

2013 Halloween Hot Wheels - Evil Twin

2013 exclusive Halloween Hot Wheels Kroger Ralph's
This is too awesome not to post every day!
Next on the Halloween Hot Wheels showroom floor is Evil Twin! And like Fangula, it's already got some company in the Halloween Garage.

2013 Halloween Hot Wheels Exclusive Evil Twin

I really like the flames flicking down the sides and roof. And hey, check out those teeth over the front wheels! All combined, it gives this Evil Twin a bit of etherealness that just might bite your hand off. Or maybe it just wants to run over and "eat" some people? Look, there's Smiley (I"m calling him Smiley from now on, ok?) on the back quarter panel.

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  1. Replies
    1. They did a great job, I just wish they were available across the country.

  2. That's a car with some character! It's like a little creature with those teeth. Nice addition to the collection.

    1. Thanks Justine! They only get better going forward.