Oct 29, 2013

Looney Labs' Monster Fluxx

Just in time for Halloween, Looney Labs unleashes the latest flavor of their
popular card game Fluxx. It's called Monster Fluxx!

Monster Fluxx Box

The game starts out relatively simple. Everyone gets three cards and follows the basic rule on their turn: draw a card, play a card. Sounds easy, right? That changes pretty quick in Fluxx! There are rules cards in the deck that alter how the game is played like changing your hand size or how many cards you draw per turn. On top of that, the condition for winning the game (called a Goal) can also change, sometimes more than once a turn!

So how do you win? You play cards called Keepers (above) to the table. You win by having Keepers in play that match the current Goal. But there's also cards that let you remove or steal other people's Keepers. Due to the randomness, some games can end very quick while others can take a bit longer.

Monster Fluxx Goals

Although they don't use any famous licensed movie or TV characters, you can see from the Goals above what they're going for. All of the Fluxx games are basically the same under the hood but they do a great job when they publish a new themed version. 

A few of the others that might interest you are Star Fluxx (sci-fi themed), Pirate Fluxx, Cthulhu Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx and even Monty Python Fluxx!

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  1. Sounds like a fun game that i might have to check out. : )

  2. great game, picked it up at Target

    1. I'm shocked they've been carrying it after Halloween. There's plenty of flavors of Fluxx out there if you really like it too.