Oct 22, 2013

Disney Halloween Room Makeover

The second night of our Disney vacation, my family surprised me with a Halloween-themed room makeover. Getting back to the room that night, this greeted me at the door...

Disney Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Halloween banner

I thought for a moment we were at the wrong room because several other rooms doors and windows were decorated for Halloween but ours wasn't.
Little did I know what waited behind the door!

Spooky Candelabra

Here's a closer view of the message that was left. The skeleton buckets had all kinds of treats including popcorn, pretzels, chocolate dipped Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie treat pops, lollipops with plastic skeleton arms and legs instead of a stick and foil wrapped chocolate eyeballs. There were also Mickey head-shaped black and orange confetti and glow in the dark eye tattoos. You can kinda see a ghost peeking in the back of the left bucket. There were three "hitchhiking ghosts" to find in the room. And on the beds...

Minnie & Mickey

A Minnie and Mickey each with their own light-up ghost necklaces and festive head wear. On Mickey's pumpkin ears, you can pull up the velcro top to reveal an image of Chip and Dale hiding inside! The Haunted Mansion pillow is one of my favorite things among everything I got. It says Tomb Sweet Tomb, there's room for one more. The back of it has the Mansion wallpaper design on it. There's also a pair of Mickey as a ghost pillow cases.

Mysterious Message

At the foot of the bed was another ghost next to an open autograph book and several foam pumpkin shapes. One of the items left on the table that I didn't mention yet was a blacklight.

Mysterious Message revealed
It's signed by Mickey Mouse!
The pumpkins also held a hidden message!

Welcome Foolish Mortals

There's another set of pumpkins that warn you to "Beware of hitchhiking ghosts!"
The third ghost was on the other bed guarding the final surprise. You can kind of see the spiderwebs in the background that were all around the room and furniture. There were also several of those eye cards placed around the room with Disney villain trivia on the back.

Halloween balloon & mystery box

Here's a closeup of the box and its message.

Mystery box closeup

Inside was a great Halloween nightlight!

Halloween nightlight

Not only is it a light up pumpkin, but it also projects an image on the ceiling!

Halloween nightlight projection

Tomorrow, we'll get to the park and the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party!
In the meantime, don't forget to stop by Countdown to Halloween and Blog-O-Ween!


  1. Wow! That is incredible! So much attention to detail. Just awesome.

    1. I put the candelabra in our room window with some spiderwebs so we'd have some window decorations :)

  2. Just awesome! And i love that Halloween light.

    1. I was just excited to see a jack-o-lantern night light but when I picked it up I could tell it would project something too.

  3. What a fun surprise! There are so many goodies on display here. I really like that Haunted Mansion pillow. So I guess the back of it would look a lot like your blog background. That nightlight is so cool! That's an added bonus that it projects an image. That projection is surprisingly clear. I bet all of these gifts gave you a good start on your Halloween decorating at home!

    1. The back of the pillow is black/purple instead of black/green. I tweaked the wallpaper color for the blog :)