Oct 14, 2013

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack: Spooky Trooper

A few weeks ago, while I was still annoyed at Target for not having their Halloween on in full swing, I was browsing their dollar spot and found some very cool Halloween things: Star Wars Halloween Play Packs!

They carry these Play Packs every few months for different licensed properties. They've had Star Wars ones before but I don't generally pay them much attention because they just recycle art from previous coloring books. But I'm getting a little ahead of myself, maybe I should explain just what these little $1 treasures are...

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack Spooky Trooper

Each Play Pack comes in a ziplock package and includes 4 crayons, a sticker sheet and a 24 page mini coloring book. How cute is that ghost R2-D2 in the upper corner?An artist who goes by the name of JAKe does a lot of the artwork. He's been doing Star Wars art for a few years and I really like his cartoony style.

The sticker sheet is really what sold me on having to check these out...

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack Spooky Trooper

Most of the art appears in the coloring books or on one of the four covers. It's the way the mash-up Star Wars and Halloween that got me. The skeletal Stormtrooper, skull Vader, R2 pumpkin, witch Leia on a broom...I love it! Those tiny blue and brown things are itty bitty Boba Fetts and Chewbaccas.

Here's a peek at the coloring book cover and pages.

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack Spooky Trooper

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack Spooky Trooper

The image on the left would make a great vintage style wall decoration! All four of the packs have almost identical coloring books. A couple have regular, non-Halloween images from other coloring books with some kind of Halloween border. But for $1 each, it's worth getting them all. I'll be showing the other ones in coming days.

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