Oct 16, 2013

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack: Bones & Bounty Hunters

Here's the third of the Star Wars Halloween Play Packs:
Bones & Bounty Hunters!


I'm not a tattoo guy, but if I was I think I'd be considering getting this Vader inked on me.
This pack has the same sticker sheet as the Spooky Trooper pack.

Here's a peek at the coloring book and a couple pages

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack - Bones & Bounty Hunters

The Leia is very cute but the skeletal Boba doesn't really appeal to me, even though I'm a Fett fan. But I do like the Fett riding a broom in the background, that's kinda funny.

Star Wars Halloween Play Pack - Fett & Boushh

This Fett's more my style even though it's not very Halloween-y.
I can't complain about JAKe's art style at all!

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