Oct 24, 2013

Doctor Gasp Show & CD Giveaway

The day after getting back from vacation I found out that local musician Doctor Gasp (aka Dan Blakeslee) was playing in Salem. I make it a point to never miss one of his shows because he's a cool guy and his music really embodies the New England Halloween vibe.

It also happened to be the release of his second Doctor Gasp album: Vampire Fish for Two.

Doctor Gasp poster

He always brings a pumpkin patch of retro Halloween lights to decorate the front of the stage. And dig that tentacled guitar!

Doctor Gasp

Gasp and the Eeks actually played two short sets. Between the sets, another band took the stage. Their name? Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! I'm glad I stuck around to watch them because they were really good! Go check out that link and show em some love.

Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion b&w

Here's one of two videos I took of Doctor Gasp. The quality is better on the other one because I was closer, but I think you'll recognize this tune!

Like I said, there's another video and there's also a few more photos if you'd like to see them, head over to Flickr. After the show I went over to say hi and pick up the new CD. I also picked up a second copy to give away to one of you! The CD is the handmade limited version on this page. It's also signed and hand numbered 25/1000.

Doctor Gasp & friend

To enter, just leave a comment below on what you listen to to get in the October mood..
As Halloween is just a week away, the entry period will end at 8am EST 10/26 so I can get it out in time for you to listen to it. I'll also toss in whatever other spooky swag I can cram in a small flat rate priority box.

Hey! What's that?!
It's Countdown to Halloween and Blog-O-Ween!


  1. I like listening to the Munsters theme song and the Monster Mash at lest once a week before Halloween i have always loved those two tunes and they are really perfect for the Spooky Season. : )

  2. I listen to Rain Station's "DARK RIDE" CD - http://rainstation.bandcamp.com/album/dark-ride

  3. Oh my GOSH!!! I listen to the 17 Kandy Coated Kackles mixes put out by Zach Bellissimo over at snaggle-teeth.tumblr.com The first year he put them out he did 13 mixes leading up to Halloween, and they were spook-tacular! He's put out a Christmas mix (vol. 14) and 3 more mixes, one per year since then. They are INCREDIBLE!!! And he does an original piece of artwork for the cover of each mix, so they are AMAZING!!! It's something I actually look forward to as a Halloween treat every year!

  4. I listen to tons of different spooky stuff. Zacherley, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, TV/Movie Themes, Sounds To Make You Shiver and a whole lot more!

  5. I have MP3 players full of monster and halloween music ranging from surf to country to metal to punk. Mix tapes, mashups I love it all and you know I;m always prowling the mortuaries and crypts for some new sounds to add to my playlists.

  6. I go with The Cramps.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

    -Amber Terry-


  7. I have been going back and forth between three soundtracks. Dawn of the Dead, The Fog and The Shining.

  8. Mr Monsterfink was the winner as selected at random by tossing goblins over a wall into a field of spears with each of your names on them.
    We'll get that out to you today or Monday, but hopefully today!
    Thanks everyone for joining in!