Oct 12, 2013

Horror Comic History - Atlas & Others

Although EC's horror comics took off in the early 50s, Atlas Comics had started their own book in 1949 called Marvel Tales. Atlas would eventually become Marvel Comics.

This "Ghoul" looks like some beefy guy in a cheap costume!
After the EC boom, several publishers including Atlas starting putting out more horror books to capitalize on their popularity. Here's a look at covers from some of them. If you'd like to check out any of the below books, head over to Comic Book Plus where you can 
read them online or download them after free registration.

The stories may be quaint but there's no denying the retro-covers go all out in their
attempt to grab your pocket change!

Weird Horrors 1 St John Publications 1952This Magazine is Haunted 14 Fawcett Comics 1953

Skeleton Hand 3 ACG 1953Ghost Comics 10 Fiction House 1954

Black Magic v1 11 (17) Prize 1952Beware! Terror Tales 7 Fawcett Comics 1953

Witchcraft 6 Avon Comics 1953Weird Terror 6 Comic Media 1953

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  1. Beautiful, to me. I'd do a room in those covers, wall to wall.

  2. Man i love the covers of those books!

    1. They really knew how to make them back then.