Oct 28, 2013

Halloween Pez Score

Stopped in the local Salvation Army store today to see if there was any decent Halloween to be had on the cheap. There wasn't much, most of the decorations were of the
not-so-gently used and poorly taken care of variety.

But then I happened to take a look in one of the locked display cases and found some new best fiends that had to come home with me! They were marked at .99 and when I went to checkout, they told me they were included in the Halloween 50% off sale. $2? Yes please!

Halloween Pez Dispensers

I don't know anything about them like how old they might be and I'm not all that concerned. I just had to add these guys to my Halloween Pez collection. I don't collect every one
that comes out, just the ones I like.

The face of the witch on the right glows in the dark. And it's hard to see with the background, but the skull guy has a high black collar around him. I have a version of him that's done with a clear plastic that looks like crystal. I have no clue where it is, but it's pretty cool!

Go knock on the doors of Countdown to Halloween and Blog-O-Ween!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! There were a couple more too. I should have grabbed them all at that price.

  2. A fun score for the Spooky Season congrats Dex!

  3. My Mom collected PEZ for years. After referring to my handy PEZ field guide, these are all worth $1 to $3 each. Still a good score. I can almost never pass up a glow in the dark item.

    1. Ooh, does your guide say when the left witch was made? She looks older. And maybe I need to get myself a guide!

  4. These are some of my all-time favorite Halloween PEZ designs hands-down. Great find!

    1. They are pretty cool, can't go wrong with classic imagery like this.

  5. Great score for $2! they are not worth much as you can still get them at the store, but they are simply great.



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