Oct 7, 2021

Sleepy Hollow Stamp (1974)

 You can't have an Countdown to Halloween without including the Headless Horseman! Even though it's not specifically associated with Halloween, it's definitely one of my all time favorite spooky stories.

Some years ago, my stepdad gave this to me. I don't recall if it was for Christmas or my birthday which is at the end of September and usually includes Halloween related gifts.

Not only is this Legend of Sleepy Hollow stamped with first day of issue, but it was cancelled in North Tarrytown, the "real" Sleepy Hollow. It was released on October 10, 1974. It's almost as old as I am.
The envelope itself is pretty great too. I imagine they made these specifically for the stamp release.
Here's a closer look at the stamp itself.

This was the final stamp in the USPS's American Folklore Series which started in 1966. The previous stamps were Johnny Appleseed, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Grandma Moses, and Tom Sawyer.

 Here's an alternate first day of issue I found from Mystic Stamp Company. While not as colorful as the one I have, it does highlight the Folklore Series.
Neato Coolville did a post back in 2014 celebrating the stamp's 40th anniversary. And if I'd been good at planning, I would have posted this on the actual anniversary of release in a few days!
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  1. For the record, in 1996, North Tarrytown NY *officially* changed its name to Sleepy Hollow.

    (The Countdown to Halloween sent me here!)

  2. Cool addition to the Halloween theme.

  3. I love that stamp - I have that in my stamp collection.

    1. Do you have it on an envelope or just the stamp?

  4. This is so cool. I'm not much of a reader but Sleepy Hollow is one of my faves!

    1. I like the idea of the story and the Horseman more than the actual printed story if that makes sense lol