Oct 27, 2021

Graveyard Garage - Kraniator

Allow me to present the first vehicle in the Graveyard Garage that is not Hot Wheels or Matchbox...the Kraniator.

Although this one has only made it into the Garage within the past year or so, research tells me this is from 1999 and it seems to be going for $8-$14 on eBay. This was produced by Maisto which I've heard is a common brand to run into at dollar stores.
The chassis may be diecast but the rest of the body is definitely plastic, giving it a lighter feel than your average Hot Wheels. Regardless of the materials, how do you pass up a giant skull with arcane green fire streaking across its dome? And it's not even a human skull with that elongated nose. Just what is it?

Kranitor is comin' to get ya! 
If those giant gold jaws opened, would it eat people or other cars?

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  1. I think this is my favorite car so far of all you've shown. Great name too.

  2. That's a beauty. I think it is a lovely addition to the Graveyard Garage.