Oct 8, 2013

Horror Comic History - Prize Comics & Frankenstein

We had an infestation of technical gremlins yesterday but everything's been fixed!

At first glance, the below Nazi-punching superhero comic might not look like it belongs in a Countdown to Halloween post.

But in fact, Prize Comics #7, published in 1940, is considered by many comic historians to contain the first ongoing comic horror series: Frankenstein!

Prize Comics 7 1940 Frankenstein

Looks like he even wrote the story if the credit below
the gravestone, Frank N Stein, is to be believed.

Our pal Frank continued on until issue #52 in 1945. By that time, he'd turned into a more humorous character than he'd been in his tortured beginnings. Kinda reminds me of
 The Little Monsters.

He was later resurrected in his own horrific series from 1952 to 1954

Prize Comics Frankenstein 1

If you want to read any of the Prize Comics, head over to Comic Book Plus, the largest free and legal comic archive online. You can read in your browser or if you're a digital hoarder like me, download them after a quick and free registration!

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  1. I have read a few of those Frankenstein comics on line from the 50s i think and they fun.

  2. Always wanted to read these! Free and Legal? Off to check that site out right now! Thanks!

    1. Just so you know, I signed up! I love the site, hoping to download some horror comics to read tonight!

    2. They've get plenty more than just horror too!