Oct 9, 2018

Spooky Birthday Goodies

The next best thing to having your birthday in October is having it a couple days before the month starts. A few years ago (okay, it was 7. Yikes!) I posted about the awesome Halloween birthday cakes my wife gets for me. As we'd planned our Sleepy Hollow Experience ahead of time (read about that here) she had time to get this amazing cake done.

Not only does a birthday near October mean creepy cakes, it also means birthday/Halloween gifts! In addition to Nightmare Before Christmas party stuff, here's a few other things I got.

These dragon stamps are necessarily Halloween related but I mean...dragons! It's hard to capture in a picture but each design has foil elements to it that make it shine under light.

One of my dear friends who recently went to WDW got me this Halloween MagicBand that was only available during the Halloween party event. For those not up on the goings on at Disney Parks, these are basically your ticket/room key/credit card now. I would be happy just getting the box it came in, I love the art on it!

Here is each side of the band, it also glows in the dark!

I also got a new impling buddy similar to Little Eddy that I got last Christmas.This guy's name is Rooty and he's also one of a kind. If he tickles your fancy, check out Bri's Bits N Pieces on Facebook and Etsy where she posts new adoptions. She also does commission work if you've got something in mind after seeing her other creations.

Finally this mamajama...

A Creature from the Black Lagoon Motionette from 1992!

Not only does he just look cool standing there but he's got motion, sound, and light up eyes!

Although I think he's much better when he's silent. Who thought putting Godzilla in here was a good idea? I know he doesn't make much noise in the movies so I guess they had to put something in there?

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  1. Had sold mine to a Collector years ago...
    ... was cool to look at...

  2. Have a screaming happy birthday month! Love that cake