Oct 26, 2018

2018 Halloween Playmobil

Playmobil is (pardon the pun) killing it this year for Halloween! They put out a fun, portable Haunted House set last year but they went above and beyond this year.

I collect any Halloween/monster type Playmobil figures so picking all these up was a no brainer. I first saw them for pre-order on Entertainment Earth but the expected delivery was after Halloween. That would not do! Since TRU closed, there is no local place to get my Playmobil fix so I went right to Playmobil and ordered all three sets. I also found some other spooky stuff but I'll get back to that.

Quick note: the back drop for the photos is the previously mentioned Haunted House.

The first set is a Frankenstien (FRONK-en-steen) monster and a vampire. They're a little similar to the figures that came with that Haunted House set. But maybe I'm being monster-ist because they're not that similar. 

This Monster has a bald pate instead of a full head of hair and his clothes look maybe a step up the social ladder. Mr Vampire has a cape to die for that matches his vest. He's also carrying a scepter topped with a tiny red bat. But that mustache tho...

I just recently saw What We Do in the Shadows and all I can think of looking at this figure is Vladislav. It's totally the mustache.

The next set is this delightful Reaper and Mummy. I always find it funny when the personification of Death is reproduced in a kids toy. The Mummy actually comes with that spiderweb as an accessory. It's a nice bit of decoration but I could have gone for something with a bit more Egyptian flavor like an ankh or something. I have an Egyptian queen I picked up from an older blind bag series so maybe they can hang out in the off season.

The last set is a Wolfman and Witch. I somehow only just now am noticing that the Wolfman's feet are not the same color as his skin! He is, understandably, one hairy dude. The detail work on the Witch's is wonderful. She's wearing a little necklace and has a few mystical doodads hanging from her belt.

In addition to the figures, they also put out two new Halloween sets. I passed on them both but if I had room to keep the Haunted House out year round I would snatch it up because I've got too many figures that need a place to hang out.

This Night Walk set is pretty cool. It comes with a real flashlight that you can shine through the trees to make the faces light up. I think it's just the right amount of spooky for little kids to have their own not-too-scary adventures.

But this Take Along Haunted House is where it's at! It comes with the same Vampire in the first set, a more zombie looking version of the Monster, and a rando villager that I'm presuming is a Renfield-type. There's also a coffin, some lab equpiment, and a spice rack complete with little jars with animal labels on them. If you take out the floor, the house folds in half so you can take it along with you. It's currently marked down at Playmobil from $40 to $32 but only until 10/28.

If you want to get a better look at these sets, head over the to Action Figure Barbecue, he gets up close and personal with some great photos.

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  1. Thanks for the plug, man! This was a very good year for Halloween Playmobil sets. I've still got a few more planned including reviews of the ones you covered here, too. Lots of spooky fun!

  2. Those are awesome! Will have to keep an eye out for them.

  3. Hehe! That vampire does look like Vladislav, and maybe a little like Robert Goulet. :) What We Do in the Shadows is a fun movie. I think I need to rewatch that soon!

    1. I've had it on my Netflix list forever and figured October was the time to take it on. I really enjoyed it. I hear they're making a TV series of it.