Oct 5, 2018

Halloween Web - Chris Raimo

I'm very pleased to kick off this year's Halloween Web interviews with one of my newer favorite spooky artists!

Please give a warm welcome to our first victim as tells us about himself.

By day I am an action figure packaging designer at NECA Toys, and by night I am an illustrator of all things spooky, paranormal, and weird. Last year I published a book of my art called “Spooky Things” and have another coming this October called “Book of Halloween."

What was Halloween like for you as a kid?

As a kid I used to love going to Halloween/craft stores and picking out or finding things to make my costumes, and fawning over the wall of masks. Halloween when I was a kid here in New Jersey was pretty standard, but I loved seeing people’s houses that went all out with decorating. Since my parents weren’t into me putting life sized zombies and monsters on their lawn, I would setup my horror action figures and mini ceramic Halloween town in my room.

Do you have a special Halloween memory?

One Halloween night, a friend and I decided we would try to scare people by having me dressed as Jason (Freddy vs Jason version) and him dressed as Leatherface with a real chainsaw. I would stand still on the lawn and wait for people to comment if I was fake or real, and when they got close my friend would chase them off with the chainsaw. Well our first “victims” walked by as I hear a stalling chainsaw and my friend frantically trying to get it started. The people laughed at us and we called it a night.

What about a favorite costume?

My favorite costume is actually from 2 years ago, when I went all out on making a creepy clown costume complete with a “skin” mask and an oversized hammer. People were so freaked out at our Halloween party that most wouldn’t talk to me or avoided eye contact completely. I have since added more masks to this character and even cosplay as him at different horror cons. (see first photo) @raimbowstheclown on Instagram by the way :)

How do you celebrate today?

Now that I have my own house, I have been decorating my house like those that I loved as a kid. I make most of my own decorations and try to add something new every year.

Do you have any yearly Halloween rituals?

Every year I watch Trick R Treat, it’s the ultimate fun, spooky, overall Halloween movie. I also throw a Halloween party every year with my in-laws, and always visit a pumpkin farm.

Why do you think we still love Halloween as adults?

I think nostalgia definitely plays a part, I mean its just fun to act like a kid and dress up and have some spooky fun. But I also believe once you’re hooked on Halloween, it’s for life.

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was Pennies

My favorite thing to get was Twizzlers

My favorite monster cereal is Frankenberry

Where can folks stalk you online?

People can find me online at chrisraimoart.com, Facebook, Instagram (as myself or the clown), and on Twitter.

Let's have a hand (maybe even a whole arm) for Chris!

Thanks for asking me to participate! This was fun!

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  1. Nice! Will need to check out more of Chris's art!

    Except the clown stuff... *shudders*

    1. Hehe, I'd definitely recommend his Spooky Things book and the upcoming Book of Halloween.