Oct 21, 2018

Monster Mail Order

Here's another round of ads to kick of the final full week before Halloween!

I don't remember where I found these but I'd guess Famous Monsters of Filmland. Each mail away kit send you the secrets of transforming a human into a creature of the night. Plus fangs and six wallet photos of film famous monsters. You cannot beat that for a buck!

Now this is a pretty cool ad! You can get a Spider-Man or Hulk costume with mask. If you're more about the monsters, they have you covered too. I am curious why the Wolfman mask is about x3 the cost of the other masks. Maybe it's got real hair.

This one's almost too weird for words! These Unknown Creatures are 5.5" plastic models with no real names and what even are they? And who can even imagine what The Thing in a Bag actually is? "It's whatever you may think it is"

We'll round out this batch with a pair of ad featuring Vincent Price. I always wanted to get this Shrunken Head kit just because he endorsed it.

Everyone knows Flintstones because they were so widely advertised but I don't think I remember Monster vitamins. Do you?

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  1. I remember Monster Vitamins! Same chalk flavor as the Flintstones.

    1. I wouldn't be shocked if they were made at the same place, they look very similar.