Oct 30, 2018

Ghoulish Games

Need something to help pass the time until tomorrow night?
How about a little game?

When you hear the name Werewolf Tycoon you might think it was one of those strategy/sim games where you have to manage...a pack of werewolves? Fear not, it's nothing so boring. You control a werewolf on the prowl!

Become the Big Bad Wolf of Werewolf Park in this werewolf stealth simulation game.
Eat as many people as you can, but pace yourself, try not to be seen, and do not let witnesses escape! Things could get tricky if too many people become aware of your existence!

Happy munching!

 This game is simple but a lot of fun. It starts getting challenging as more people pass your bench in groups because you have to be sneaky and watch out for photographers. The music sets a perfect mood for snatching up unaware pedestrians.

You can get this one on iOS, Android, and Amazon. Can't be bothered with that? You can play it online in your browser at Kongregate.

Got a little more time to kill? Grave Chase is a retro-inspired 2D horror action-adventure game in which a brother & sister must survive the month of October in the deadly graveyard of a ghoulish groundskeeper.

Grave Chase was released last year and quickly became a favorite of mine. It's got a real Zombies Ate My Neighbors vibe to it even though the games aren't that similar in play. You play as one of a pair of siblings armed with only a shovel. Your goal is to dig up all the body parts on the level and escape. The game plays out through the 31 days of October. 

Each day adds gets more challenging: the board gets larger and new creepy crawlies are introduced with different ways to hinder you. On top of that, the Grave Keeper wanders around listening for your shovel digging.

There are random weather effects such as blowing leaves and stormy nights, perfect for Halloween playtime! You'll feel like you're playing a SNES game when you die because you'll want to chuck the controller across the room before picking it up to have another go at it.

Grave Chase is now less than $5 on Steam.
That should keep you plenty busy until the sun goes down tomorrow!

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