Oct 29, 2018

Headless HorseMonday - Custom LEGO

I've been eyeing a LEGO Headless Horseman on Ebay for quite awhile and decided this year was the time for him to come home. If you do a search for him, you'll find multiple variations. Some have plain black outfits, some have skeletal horses.

This is the one I ended up going with.

I'll probably try to hunt down a better looking body for him at some point. Not that the sinister gentleman look doesn't work for him but I'd like to find something more period appropriate. What sold me on this particular version is the horse. While the skeletal horses look cool, they can't rear up on their back legs like this one can. An essential pose for the Headless Horseman!

I took the flaming hair piece from an odd bootLego fig I got this summer. I even mention in that post that I'd likely use this piece on a Headless Horseman. I don't think it ever looks quite right in photos, it always looks like a big ol head of red hair to me.

It looks a little better with dramatic lighting.

 Headless "fact" of the day
The Horseman's iconic flaming pumpkin head was not a thing until Disney told the tale in The Adventures of Ichabod. In the original story, the Horseman throws a decapitated head at Ichabod and Disney thought that a little too graphic and inserted their own brand of nightmare fuel. I know I read this at one point but haven't been able to find proof again, so I"m just going with it!

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