Oct 7, 2018

Halloween Giveaway Contest

How about a little giveaway?
(This is only open to US residents, sorry! )

Winners will get a little magic straight from the Witch City!
These will be postmarked from Salem MA.
I have about 13 up for grabs but will try to accommodate if a few more people enter.
The photo does not show all the designs so you may get a surprise!

And if enough people enter, let's say...13? I will pick 3 people for a Halloween treat bag.
It's nothing to get majorly excited about, just sending some extra Halloween your way.

You can comment with the type you'd prefer.
If your preference isn't available, you're at the mercy of the helper goblins.
Salem (top & bottom rows) 
The type of touristy ones you'd expect showing notable landmarks from around the city.

Art (middle row, Left & Right) 
These are by New England artist Maryanne Piro

Sleepy Hollow (middle center, read more about that tomorrow!)

Please, please use the widget to enter even if you're only commenting on the blog.
It makes it much easier for me to pick the winners.

You can get extra entries by sharing the contest on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Be sure to Trick or Treat at the participating Countdown blogs by clicking below!


  1. Well if I win surprise me! I will do the ig thing when I get home tonight. Good luck to everybody.

  2. If I happen to win, you can surprise me, too! Thanks for hosting and Happy Halloween!

  3. I love Sleepy Hollow!

  4. I love the arty ones... Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Halloween!