Oct 4, 2018

2018 Halloween LEGO

Another surprise in the world of Halloween shopping this year. The LEGO store didn't have a little Halloween set this year. I mean, I guess you could count the Ghostbusters Brickheadz.

Luckily, interewb pal Reis O'Brien posted on Instagram about some spooky LEGO minifigs he found. Naturally, this sent me running like a bat out of Hell to my local shop.

I don't usually pay much attention to the build your own minifig display in the store so if not for Reis, I would have missed out on this frightful trio. It may be that they get "seasonal" minifig parts in throughout the year but there was no indication of it in the store.

Because the "build your own" parts are all mixed together, one of the employees was nice enough to help me fish out the Halloween pieces.

First up is a vampire! I don't know what, if any, parts are new but I know I don't have any other vampires that look like this one. He's got to be a pretty classy guy because he's got a pocket watch. Since the employee picked the parts out for me, I presume these are the correct legs for him. It might not make much sense for him to have a couple potions on his belt but it's better than plain black legs.

Next is a...vampiress? Spider woman? The spiders could just be decoration on her dress...or maybe they're alive! I like the little bat wing collar on the dress and the tiny necklace. And check out that Elvira-esque hairdo!

I should mention, the torsos for these two come with the opposite color hands from their heads. Vampire torso has white hands and vampiress has gray. It's easy enough to swap them if you're a little OCD and want your figures' skin color to match.

The final Halloween minifig is a bit of an odd one...

It's a witch...or with an extra accessory

a scarecrow! I don't know about this one. It doesn't quite fit either one no matter which head you use. The clothes don't look right for a witch and the green hands don't look right for a scarecrow.

This way works best for me! When you build your own, you get to pick one accessory per figure so naturally I took a broom for the witch. I didn't see any vampire-y things so I picked up a quiver of arrows for my Medusa to make her more like the Clash of the Titans version.

These three will be hanging out with the Lord of Halloween on a little custom set I picked up years ago on eBay. And you can see what accessory the vampiress came home with. That's one acessory I couldn't pass it up!

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  1. Those are so cool, makes me wish we had a Lego store here.

  2. Cool! I noticed the build-a-fig bins have Halloweeny parts. I was lucky enough to find a nice Halloween set from 2017 in stores recently. I never liked the Blockheads, but I may make an exception for the Ghostbusters!

    1. I just found out there is a Blockheadz witch for Halloween. I'm going to pass on it though.
      There's also a Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally set.