Oct 23, 2018

Garbage Pail Kids - Oh, The Horror-ible

The Garbarge Pail Kids are back and they're taking on the icons of horror and sci-fi. I was pretty excited for this set, given that it released around Halloween, and ordered a box online. What I didn't realize was that Topps has changed how they refer to things. There used to be retail and hobby boxes, with hobby being the ones that had a guaranteed "hit" of a sketch card or something else desirable. Now they are called hobby and hobby collector boxes. Ugh. To make a long story short (too late!) I ordered a non-hit box, the up side is these are cheaper than the collector boxes. Enough boring stuff, let's get to it!

This is a Value, or Blaster, Box which is available in stores. These $10 boxes have 5 packs and a bonus mini-pack of 3 Bathroom Buddies stickers. These are usually boring ol rectangular boxes but someone had the great idea to turn it into a tombstone. Love it!

There are 200 base cards in the set but it's more like two 100 card sets as each card has an A and B name variant. Each pack has a puke green parallel and there are other various color parallels of differing rarities scattered in as well. All that means is instead of a white border, it is splashed with color.

Here are a few of the horror cards. There are mini sets categorized into Retro Horror (top), 80s Horror (middle), and Modern Horror (bottom). I was very happy to find the Addams Family represented in the retro set.

The Science Fiction cards have similar groupings top to bottom: Retro, 80s, and Modern. Most of these mini sets have 10-15 cards but there are only 5 in the Modern SciFi series.

Rounding out the base series are Classic Film Monsters (top) and Folk Lore (Bottom). The Creature from the Black Lagoon has a card in the Classic Film Monster set but I haven't seen one yet. I know the Krampus movie was a big hit but he really belongs in Folk Lore.

In addition to the basic cards, there are a few chase insert sets. The Classic Monster (80s throwback) stickers are only available in "fat packs" which is a $5 larger the normal pack. The Trick or Treat set (bottom) is available in the hobby box. There is also a horror poster parody series and a set of patch cards that you can only get from the hobby collector boxes. So if you gotta have em all, you'll be forking over lots of cash!

This is a really fun set and I'm diggin the Classic Monster stickers from the fat packs. If you're looking to do some trading, hit me up! You can find a list of my cards here.
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  1. Not sure what one I love more the Greaser or Senior Mints!

  2. Cool. Didn't know these were back.

    1. They seem to put out a new set every few months.