Oct 17, 2018

2018 Halloween Hot Wheels - Zero & The Mayor

The Nightmare continues with week 3!
After last week's villainous pair, these two are a relief.

Zero's cruising around in the Quick 'N Sik!

There's not a lot of "Zero-ness" to the car aside from his image on the sides. What I really like about it is that they made the wheels translucent like a ghost.

It's not often you can get a clear shot of a car's interior so I had to take one. You can see the steering wheel and even a gear shift between the seats.

The Mayor rolls in the Cool-One. So named because when it debuted in 2004, it was a modified ice cream truck.

Just like the Mayor of Halloweentown, this van has two faces.

That's all for this week. Come back next Wednesday for the final Halloween Hot Wheels post of the year. Who will the last two vehicles be?
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