Oct 2, 2018

Disney Toybox - Jack Skellington

What better way to kick off the Countdown than with the King of Halloween himself?

I picked Jack up probably close to two months ago but I wanted to wait until October to talk about him. He's got quite a bit of articulation about him.

I've had Jack figures before that were made by NECA and because Jack is so spindly, that often meant things would sometimes break when trying to pose him. The NECA figures look great but they weren't always as the best quality. As this line is aimed at a younger, not necessarily collector, audience, this figure seems pretty sturdy.

I absolutely love that they included Zero! I would have loved it a little more if he had some kind of stand so it would look like he was floating but I'll take it. Here you can see where all Jack is articulated. I don't know why his ankles swivel but I'm glad they do otherwise it would have been even more awkward to get him to Zero's level.

Would you like to join us in Halloweentown?

We'e got so many big surprises this year!

As you can see, Jack is quite a fun figure. I expect he'll be a hit with Nightmare fans both young and old. I'm really hoping for a Santa Jack later this year.

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