Oct 19, 2018

Halloween Web - Matt/The Toy Box

It's looking like this is the second, and final, interview for this year. A lot of people that signed on never got back to me but I'll try harder next year because I really want some of these people to share their Halloween with you.

Note: Matt didn't have any Halloween photos so I picked some images for the interview.

Come on in and introduce yourself

My name is Matt, and I run the blog, The Toy Box. I have a passion for vintage toys, 80's music and a long love / hate relationship with comics. I've been blogging for five+ years at this point, and though I've taken a few hiatus's here and there, I always come back to it. Because I'm no movie or rock star, and have no children, at this point in my life, the only thing I'll have to possibly be remembered by is my blog. It is my hopes that it will live on into history long after I'm gone, and serve as a great resource of history for the toys I, and many others of this era, grew up with.

What was Halloween like for you growing up?

As a child who grew up overseas for many of my preteen years, I honestly didn't get to enjoy the traditions of Halloween. In fact, I don't think I even knew about Halloween until my parents were transferred back to the states. My siblings and I got to trick or treat from there, but truth be told, I only remember two particular costumes from my youth - Hordak and Michael Jackson. My senior year of high school, a buddy of mine and I both painted our faces up as The Crow (because if you're going to dress up, may as well be a Halloween cliche), and did one final trick or treat.

Halloween became more of a treat for me in my adult years, when I took the time to enjoy giving out candy to kids. I remember making it my thing to watch the back to back episodes of The Simpsons that night as they would always air every episode of their Treehouse of Horror series, you know, back before there were 20+ episodes of them, and give out candy to the kids. I was always determined to be "the cool house", and by that, I mean I was the guy who gave out the full size candy bars. As word spread around the neighborhood, I got more and more visitors each year.

I eventually ended up moving into an apartment, and while I tried to continue this tradition, kids in the area didn't tend to trick or treat in my neighborhood - Especially not to the third floor. As a result, I've actually not handed out candy in years. However, as I'm now in my first year of being in a townhouse, I look forward to once again handing out full size treats come October. I'm sure I'll be posting something on my site afterwards.

As I type all of the above, I can't help but feel like the most unlikely candidate for this interview. Living in an apartment for so many years really "killed" my Halloween celebrations. I hope to start all of that again this year, but I don't know to what extent I'll take it. Halloween decorations aren't exactly cheap - especially in season. Bottom line, my "celebrating" will technically be starting this year. All I can say to that regard is, "Stay tuned".

Do you do anything special to get into the Halloween spirit every year?

I feel like I need to. As I said above, it used to be The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror. I've got some things in the works in the back of my mind of how I want this year to be, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet on that since I'm still fine tuning it. Needless to say, it will involve a lot of cartoons and full size candy bars, and of course a specially dinner menu.

What about a favorite album or music?

If this interview were about Christmas, then I could say with a smile it's Mickey's Christmas Carol, something I watch ever year just before Christmas. As for Halloween, if I could find it cheap, I would definitely make Disney's Trick or Treat album an annual thing. Unfortunately, since the record can run between $30.00 and $50.00 in good condition, I have yet to obtain one. I'm sure I could just listen to it on Youtube, but come on, that's not the same thing.

Why do you think Halloween sticks with us as we get older?

The innocence of the kids combined with their great costumes. What other time of year can you see kids running around dressed as some of the most horrific and violent characters, and yet it's okay because it's all in good fun with zero malice behind it?

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was the cheap stuff! You know what I mean. Those crappy bags of no name generic brand candy or the multipacks of caramels, half opened suckers, etc. If you're not giving out name brand (preferably chocolate), then don't bother (in my opinion).

My favorite thing to get was a full size bar of course!

My favorite monster cereal : I have personally created my own favorite monster cereal I call, Count FrankenBoo. If you haven't guessed, it's a 1 to 1 to 1 ratio of Count Chocula, FrankenBerry and Boo Berry. Put some milk in it, and get ready for the best cereal combination you've ever had.

 A big thanks to Matt for joining us today. If you haven't yet, swing by The Toy Box and check things out over there.

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  1. The Toy Box is a great resource and I refer to it quite often! Matt is a great talent and has helped me with my of my banners over the years!

    My wife and I lived in an apartment for three years. Two years we went to my parents house and thus had a huge neighborhood of kids to give candy to at the door. One year we were living in a new town and actually stayed home. I remember it being really fun as there were a decent amount of kids, so we just kept out door open and watched a spooky movie with our Jack O Lantern lit. We live in a house out by itself so for the past decade we've always gone and hung out at another family's house who lives in a busy neighborhood. Of course now I get to take my kid Trick 'r Treating!

    1. We get somewhere between 20-30 kids every year. We live a couple streets off a main road plus we go into Salem around 6:30 so I never know if it picks up later.