Oct 24, 2018

2018 Halloween Hot Wheels - LSB & Sandy Claws

We're crossing the finish line today with the final two Nightmare Before Christmas Hot Wheels. I can't believe it's only one more week til Halloween!

The seventh car in the series is that mischievous trio of Lock, Shock, and Barrel. They're up to no good in a Cockney Cab II.

Considering how small Hot Wheels are, they put a lot of detail into the side art. The graphics are the same on both side but what really makes this one for me are their masks on the hood.

If you run into Lock, Shock, and Barrel, their captive can't be far behind.

Sandy Claws rounds out the set in the Power Panel van.

He's not looking too happy but I guess if I were thrown in a sack by three little brats, I probably wouldn't be thrilled about it. The colors really pop on this one and it got a very Christmas-y vibe to it. I can't imagine red tinted glass would be great for driving.

The other stand out thing is the metallic red they used on the wheels which makes them look like they're made out of candy canes or at least peppermint candy. I don't know if it would be overkill, but I might have gone with red plastic instead of white for the headlights/wheel well part that runs down the side.

That's another year of Halloween Hot Wheels in the books.
Which ones were your favorite?

I think I have to go with Jack and Sally. Jack's car is just awesome and Sally have the best character color paint job.

In case you missed any, check em out below.

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  1. That Sandy Claws vehicle looks military grade! I agree that he doesn't look super happy on the van and that he has his reasons, but he looks adorable on the packaging. Jack and Zero are my favorites.