Oct 3, 2017

Playmobil Haunted House (5638)

I don't remember how I found out about this set. I think a fellow blogger posted pics of it. If so, sorry I forgot who you are but thank you!

The official product name of this set is Haunted House Play Box. I don't think it's so much a haunted house as a mad scientist lab but I guess you can't market that to young kids? Either way, they packed a lot of fun into it.

I've seen a few different Playmobil Play Boxes but never got my hands on one. The whole set packs up into this case with room to spare. The doors snap shut nicely to keep it all in. ProTip: Put all the bits in a Ziploc bag, that way if a little monster opens it up in a hurry, the bits stay together.

You can choose not to insert the pumpkin piece at the top to make the handle easier to hold, but really, why would you not?

It comes with two figures: a vampire and a Frankenstein-like monster, which I thought was a zombie at first. After strapping him into the equipment, it's obvious he's a reanimated corpse. Although I guess a zombie is too, right?

In addition to the figures, you get all sorts of lab accessories. Check out that distiller in the top left, it's even got a little Bunsen burner! The "slab" the monster is placed on is pretty neat too, it's got a translucent plastic "crackling electricity" effect. Then you have an assortment of bottles, a skull and bone, along with a raven, mouse, and scorpion.

One of the silly things I really like is that the side parts are ribbed which allows you to put the shelves at any height you want. The graphics on the sides are a nice little touch to the lab.

I'm not clear on why a vampire would want to make a Frankenstein like monster. I mean, if you need more friends, wouldn't you go out an make more vampires? Maybe he just doesn't want the hassle that comes with new vampires. You have to train them how to feed, how to apply sunscreen, and probably have to get more coffins for them to sleep in. #TransylvaniaProblems

Mr. Vampire is sharply dressed with a bat-tie and is rocking an Elvis pompadour like nobody's business. I can't really criticize the monster's fashion sense, he's pretty much stuck with what he was buried in. Of course, I'm presuming he was dug up and not a cadaver Vampy picked up somewhere.

For $20, this is well worth it if for no other reason than it gives my other Halloween Playmobil people some place to hang out in October. If you can't find it locally, you can order from Amazon and get a couple bucks off.

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  1. I hope I can get this in November as I am broke until then and want this so bad now lol. Looks so freaking great!

    1. It's not strictly a Halloween toy so it should be available for awhile.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Doc and a Happy Halloween season to you!