Oct 26, 2017

Halloween Video Mixtapes

I recently discovered The Horrors of Halloween blog which is devoted to horror flicks set during Halloween or the Fall season.

A few years back I somehow stumbled into Skeleton Farm's Halloween Horrorshow and absolutely loved it. When I went to look it up this year, that's when I found Horrors of Halloween and their amazing list of Halloween and Christmas horror video mixes. What? There are MORE of these beautiful things?

This video features clips from horror movies and is totally NSFW!

If you venture over to the blog, be prepared to lose a lot of time as there is just an incredible amount of stuff there to keep you busy until Halloween. If you head over there today, you can see the short Helltown which mashes up cinema's horror icons into one crazy video.

Be sure to visit all the participating bloggers by clicking the link below!

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