Oct 14, 2017

Halloween Web - FunDead's Erin

Wrapping up FunDead week is Assistant Editor Erin.

Thanks for stopping by! Please introduce yourself.

Greetings. I’m Erin Crocker, award-winning author of “Synchronicity” and its sequel “Menoetius”, an avid doughnut enthusiast, and an assistant editor for FunDead Publications. I have been published in “Night in New Orleans”, “Entombed in Verse”, and “One Night in Salem”.  I hold a Certificate of Education and an Associate’s of Arts and Sciences with an emphasis in Police Science from Germanna Community College and a Bachelor’s of English, Linguistics, and Communications from the University of Mary Washington.

My focus lately has been on the domestic violence advocacy program I started in 2015 called When She Walked Away that promotes healing through artistic expression with direct emphasis on creative writing. I would elaborate on my free time if I had any.

What was Halloween like for you as a kid?

What do I remember about Halloween when I was a kid…hmm—they didn’t have Halloween back in my day. Just kidding. I grew up in Southwest Missouri. The town only had two stoplights, so I walked up and down the sidewalks Trick-or-Treating. Some lady in a brightly colored corner house would pass out cans of soda. That was cool.

Do you have any funny stories from past Halloweens?

I remember being dressed as a cow one year. When I was in preschool, a lot of girls would be princesses, and I was always Spider-man or I would dress as the Ninja Turtles. Is that funny? I’m trying to be funny.  In sixth or seventh grade, my costume was left up to me. I grabbed this oversized refrigerator box, spray painted it, cut a square out at the top—I was a port-o-potty…

Any particularly favorite costumes?

Back to the port-o-potty costume…well, at least I thought it was funny…

How do you celebrate the season now?

Nowadays, I kick back and watch as many horror films as possible. Usually, it’s the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series, I don’t think it ever gets old.

Do you have any yearly rituals or things to put you in the spirit?

I wouldn’t say ‘rituals’, but rumor has it I enjoy some seasonal Halloween tunes from time to time.

Why do you think Halloween stays with us as we get older?

The candy—no, to me, it’s the innocence of being little and dressing up as my hero…or a port-o-potty…and running around gathering candy. Nobody worried too much about the candy being unsafe. As an adult, we tend to face more real-life ghosts; in that respect, it’s important to cling to a bit of childhood innocence.

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was Bible Tracts
My favorite thing to get was entire cans of soda (ed: that's a first!)

Where can people find you online?

My official site is AuthorErinCrocker.com and I'm on Facebook.
You can also visit When She Walked Away.

A huge thanks to Erin and all the FunDead staff for joining me this Halloween season!

Be sure to visit all the Halloween houses by clicking the link below!

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