Oct 25, 2017

2017 Halloween Hot Wheels - Muscle Tone & Zotic

The 2017 Halloween Hot Wheels line crosses the finish line today with the final two vehicles.

Leading things off is Muscle Tone.

I don't know if it's the paint job or the word drift on the car but I could totally see this one in a Fast & Furious movie. That, of course, leads me back to thinking about a monster/horror version of the film. In case you're looking for Smiley (the Halloween logo), he's barely visible at the back.

I really like the way the lighting (and lightning) came out on this shot. Muscle Tone may be the "oldest" model in this run, first released in 2000. It has been featured in the Age of Ultron series as Vision and in the Batman v Superman series as Superman.

Bringing up the rear of the pack is Zotic.

I don't know what is it but I'm just not a big fan of lumping aliens in with Halloween. Sure they can be creepy and scary but I just don't associate them with the holiday. I'd like this one a lot more if it didn't have Halloween written on it because it does the alien vibe so well. If it said Area 51 or Roswell, or anything more alien-y, it'd be great!

Maybe I'm being specie-ist in presuming the big eyed head is an alien? Could be an insect or even a gas mask if you squint. The overall sci-fi look is what makes me think it's an alien.

The photos don't do the shininess of the silver justice. The translucent green they used for the wheels and windshiueld is a perfect alien color.

With that being the last in the series, here's my rankings for 2017, best to worst.

Great Gatspeed
'49 Ford F1
Muscle Tone
'71 Plymouth Satellite
Ratical Racer
Olds 442 W-30

See all the Halloween goodness by clicking the link below!

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