Oct 13, 2017

October Awfulness - WTFour

Wrapping up Round Two, these Fearsome Four are moving on!

Religious Pamphlets
Orange/Black Wrapped Ickiness (Kisses)
Circus Peanuts

This round's matches weren't nearly as close as last week. Although Veggies/Fruit completely shut out Pretzels I think we know they're no match for Religious Pamphlets. Or are they? Your votes will decide!

Here are your October Awfulness Round Three Matchups

As I was compiling the leader board for Round Two, I noticed there were some bracket submissions that came in after I had started last week's tallies. They have been added below with their scores for both rounds.

Round Two Leaderboard

16 points (perfect!)

15 points

14 points
Mike, Richard

12 points

11 points

10 points
Jolene, Shad

9 points
Sam, Scott

8 points
Chris, George

6 points

3 points

Be sure to visit all the Halloween houses by clicking the link below!

1 comment:

  1. It's clearly coming down to Religious Pamphlets against Circus Peanuts (are those even edible?). Too bad I missed a few in the first round.