Oct 12, 2017

Halloween Web - FunDead's Laurie

Let's give a warm welcome to FunDead's Laurie!
In addition to being an editor, she makes some really amazing, tiny gravestone art.

Hi Laurie, tell us a bit about you.

I’m Laurie Moran, and I’m an editor at FunDead Publications, an indie publisher of dark, gothic, and horror fiction and poetry, based out of Salem, Massachusetts. Our newest book, "One Night in Salem," released on September 30th. I also like to make tiny gravestones inspired by historic cemeteries in New England, and I fashion them into jewelry and cemeterrariums—fairy gardens for the deceased.


What was your Halloween like as a kid?

I grew up in Western Massachusetts, in a middle-class neighborhood that was built after WWII, and every house on the street was the same L-shaped ranch. There were lots of kids in the neighborhood, and most of the houses would give out candy, so our jack-o-lantern buckets would be full after only going down the block. We would also sometimes visit my Grandmother’s house for “Devil’s Night”: her neighborhood traditionally did trick-or-treating on the night before Halloween.

Do you have any outstanding Halloween memories?

There was one house in my neighborhood that had a graveyard display on their front lawn in October, and mannequin in a chair as part of it. On Halloween, someone that lived in that house would sit in the chair, dressed as the mannequin, and jump up to startle trick-or-treaters. I remember one year my mom tried to convince me to go to the door, but I was worried that they would try to scare me, and I made her go up before me and ask the mannequin/neighbor to stay put in his chair before I would approach to ring their doorbell.

Any favorite costumes from childhood?

My mother always made our costumes, so I made it through Halloween in the eighties without ever wearing one of those ubiquitous store-bought plastic character mask and bib get-ups. (Ed.: Wow!) One of the standouts was a Rainbow Brite costume, complete with a handmade wig of yellow yarn that was so horribly itchy that I wouldn’t wear it.

What do you do to celebrate the season?

I’ve lived in the Salem area for 19 years, and Halloween in Salem is a solid month of events. I usually attend one or two friends’ house parties, and these are hardcore Halloween fans, so the parties have over the top decorations (like a funeral parlor room with a casket, or a bloody murder scene in the bathroom), special attractions (like a backyard horror movie marathon projected on the side of the house), themed food, and everyone in costume. I always go to the Haunted Happenings kick-off nighttime parade at the beginning of October, and I usually attend a few other events in Salem throughout the month, like Zombie Prom, or the pet costume parade. On Halloween, we always walk around in costume and enjoy the crowds in downtown Salem, people watching and admiring others’ creative attire.  This year, as part of FunDead Publications, I’ll also be involved in planning and producing several Halloween themed events in Salem, including a time-travel themed book launch party, a candlelit tea party, and a lecture on Salem and the supernatural.

Any other special things you do for the season?

I love fall food, so consumption of many pumpkin, apple, and spiced goodies is necessary. I also have to carve a pumpkin every year.

What makes Halloween special for you?

Personally, dressing up in costume has always been my favorite part of Halloween. I enjoy sewing, and sometimes make my costumes from scratch, but when I’m too busy to sew, it’s also fun to pull a costume together with things from my wardrobe and the thrift store, and pair it up with over-the-top makeup.

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was the porch light turned off as you approached a house.
My favorite thing to get was anything chocolate, especially York Peppermint Patties.

Where can people find you online?

In addition to FunDead Publictions, you can find me on Instagram as thecemeterrarium.

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  1. Fun interview. Salem for the entire month of October would be awesome!