Oct 15, 2018

Headless HorseMonday - Roblox

Being a 40-something geek, I'm only passingly familiar with Roblox. I know kids are about as addicted to it as Minecraft and I've seen the toys in stores. They have some fun looking figures like Bigfoot Boarder and Circuit Breaker so I always browse to see what weird things they have going on. 

Imagine my surprise on finding a Headless Horseman figure! A while back, I found a Headless Horseman Scooby-Doo set in TRU and passed on it. It's now very hard to find and people are asking crazy money for it so I made sure this one wasn't getting away from me.

He's dressed in a purple and black uniform with a tricorn hat. His 'headless"-ness is accomplished with a translucent featureless head. That makes it a little difficult to tell where he's "looking" but the hat does turn so you can point his head in the right direction.

He's also got a wicked little hand axe for when he's out looking for a top to chop! I'm not sure why there's a bandage wrapped around his head. I think the figure would look a bit more striking without it.

The grinning Jack-O-Lantern he comes with isn't just a Halloween decoration.

You can swap out his ghostly head for it! Sadly the hat doesn't fit on the pumpkin head. 
How fun would that have been?

Overall, this is a cool little figure. The transparent head and swap option really make it worth picking up. The only thing that would have made it better is if it was a 2-pack and came with a creepy looking horse for him.

If you want to pick one up, you should be able to find him in Target or similar stores. Failing that, you can order from Amazon. Just check the prices and don't pay over $8.

Headless Fact of the Day
The Horseman may be the most well known spirit without a skull but he's by no means the only one. In 1978, Warren Zevon wrote “Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner” about a merc fighting in Africa who was murdered by his comrades and returns seeking revenge.
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Oct 14, 2018

Creepy Comic Ads

It's kind of a lazy Sunday but the Countdown must go on!
Enjoy this random group of comic book ads.

95 cents for a horror album? Yes, please!
I really like the use of color in this one especially that dude on the right who's got some kind of psychedelic thing going on.

Pre-Snap into a Slim Jim era

I like this ad so much I printed it out so I could hang it on my wall.

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Oct 13, 2018

Vincent Price - A Hornbook for Witches

What would Halloween be without a visit from Vincent Price?

Before we go any further, I have to stop for a sec to talk about this amazing album cover. It looks like something right out of a D&D manual.

Turn up the volume. And turn down the lights - If you dare!

Suspense-master Vincent Price presents a hair-raising, bone-chilling collection of classic horror tales featuring a ghastly brew of witches, ghosts and goblins. Edgar Allan Poe's eerie Dreamland, John Collier's offbeat Thus I Refute Beezly, and MariaĆŸs Leech's practical but frightful How to See Ghosts or Surely Bring Them to You, are just a few of the tales stirring up fear in this chilling concoction of horror. These stories, sounds, spells, and incantations will send shivers up you spine

 This album features four poems from the original work, A Hornbook for Witches: Poems of Fantasy, that was released in 1950. It is likely the rarest book published by Arkham House as only 553 copies were printed and 300 of those went to the author!

You can read the book online if you wish.
 If you prefer portable audio, click on the album cover to drop it in your treat bag.
Alternatively, you can listen to it on YouTube.

If you're asking yourself what exactly a Hornbook is, click here and feel good about yourself for learning something new (and useless) today!

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Oct 12, 2018

2018 Halloween Pez

One of my favorite things to collect every Halloween are new Pez dispensers. But not all years have a new release. Some years they re-use previous designs and maybe give them a different colored base or a glow in the dark feature. 

This year, we get two new characters and a new flavor!

2018 brings us Cute Witch and Happy Pumpkin along with candy corn flavored Pez!
That's right! Candy. Corn. Pez!

The Pez is probably about as close to a candy corn flavor you can get. It's not quite candy corn but I think it's what happens when you try to put candy corn into a Pez...pellet? What is the actual term for a piece of Pez? Brick? Block?

Anyway, let's get closer look at our two new friends.

You can see why the call her Cute Witch. The freckles are adorable. It's a little creepy that she has orange eyes but it is Halloween so...

Happy Pumpkin's facial expression reminds me of Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park. It's also the kind of expression that makes you think he's going to snap one day.

That's it for our new Pez friends. You should still be able to find them in stores.

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Oct 11, 2018

Halloween MA 2018 Lottery ticket

Another annual Halloween tradition is the state lottery ticket!

I like that this sort of has a localized double meaning. For those that don't live around here, we've been noted for using wicked to describe things quite a lot. Just watch any Jimmy Fallon SNL skit where he's that guy from Boston.

While I like the graphic design this year, it falls a little short of Halloween for me.Witches are pretty up there for Halloween but the ol' poison apple starts going into fairy tale territory.

I got a few of these for my birthday and found a cat (x2) on one, doubling my winnings of $5 to a whopping $10!

Do you have any fun lottery tickets in your state? I started an open Flickr album for people to post their state lottery tickets. If you have any, please feel free to add them to the album. Or if you could send me pictures/scans I'd be happy to post them.

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Oct 10, 2018

2018 Halloween Hot Wheels - Oogie & Finklestein

Welcome back to Halloween Hot Wheels Wednesday! 
We've got a wicked pair for you today.

First up, Mr. Oogie Boogie man!

Oogie's ride of choice is a Super Van, first released in 1975. This same model was released in the 80s with an A-Team paint job.

The windows are tinted a nice shade of "bug guts" green. You can see he's rolled a 7 on this side and on the other is, of course, an 11.

Check out the tiny skulls in between the card suits. For some reason, the diamonds and spades have swapped colors.

The second of our dastardly duo is none other than the bad Doctor Finklestein. I wonder what he got his doctorate in?

He's cruisin' in the Midnight Otto which is relatively young by Hot Wheels standards having debuted in 2002.

This one is just alright for me. I like the model of the car but I don't think it does much to capture his personality.

Unlike Sally, I do think this one benefits from having the character image on the roof for a little something extra.

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Oct 9, 2018

Spooky Birthday Goodies

The next best thing to having your birthday in October is having it a couple days before the month starts. A few years ago (okay, it was 7. Yikes!) I posted about the awesome Halloween birthday cakes my wife gets for me. As we'd planned our Sleepy Hollow Experience ahead of time (read about that here) she had time to get this amazing cake done.

Not only does a birthday near October mean creepy cakes, it also means birthday/Halloween gifts! In addition to Nightmare Before Christmas party stuff, here's a few other things I got.

These dragon stamps are necessarily Halloween related but I mean...dragons! It's hard to capture in a picture but each design has foil elements to it that make it shine under light.

One of my dear friends who recently went to WDW got me this Halloween MagicBand that was only available during the Halloween party event. For those not up on the goings on at Disney Parks, these are basically your ticket/room key/credit card now. I would be happy just getting the box it came in, I love the art on it!

Here is each side of the band, it also glows in the dark!

I also got a new impling buddy similar to Little Eddy that I got last Christmas.This guy's name is Rooty and he's also one of a kind. If he tickles your fancy, check out Bri's Bits N Pieces on Facebook and Etsy where she posts new adoptions. She also does commission work if you've got something in mind after seeing her other creations.

Finally this mamajama...

A Creature from the Black Lagoon Motionette from 1992!

Not only does he just look cool standing there but he's got motion, sound, and light up eyes!

Although I think he's much better when he's silent. Who thought putting Godzilla in here was a good idea? I know he doesn't make much noise in the movies so I guess they had to put something in there?

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Oct 8, 2018

The Sleepy Hollow Experience

Welcome to the first post for Headless HorseMonday!

To celebrate my birthday a couple weekends ago, we went to Old Sturbridge Village. This is one of those "living museum" places where they recreate early 1800s New England life with period accurate buildings and people. This might not sound exciting but we went at night for The Sleepy Hollow Experience!

After checking in, you can wait in Ichabod's Tavern for the tour to start. They offer drinks (both alcohlic and non-) as well as beef stew and other snacks. The tour begins with crossing a wooden bridge (not *the* bridge but we'll get there) and walking a good five minutes through the woods along a path lit on either side by tiki torches. There's no magic portal in the woods but it definitely gives the feeling of traveling to a different place and time.

As you come off the path into the area where the buildings are, you are shepherded by ominous figures in black robes and masks carrying lanterns. I actually didn't notice the first one as they were in a dark area and I was more focused on the building we were entering.

At the first stop on the tour you meet the five players: Ichabod, Katrina, Brom, and a pair of villagers. I don't think they're from the story but I did catch that the female's last name was Van Winkle, a nod to author Washington Irving's other famous tale.

Their version of the story plays out with an unexpected amount of song at a couple different locations. The dark clad figures ushering you from place to place. We went to a schoolhouse and then to a town square looking area where the in-story Halloween party was held. We stopped here for a short intermission during which the characters came out into the crowd to interact with everyone and pose for photos. The guy playing Brom was a hoot!

Coming back, the cast take turns telling ghost stories and finally recount the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Ichabod is tasked with tying Katrina's scarf to the middle of the covered bridge where the Horseman has been seen. We then followed Ichabod to *the* bridge.

I'd been having a great time so far but this is where I started to get very excited as I could see what was coming. Approaching the covered bridge, it is divided into three lanes. The crowd filters into the narrower outside lanes and the performers take to the wider center lane. The interior of the bridge is rigged with smoke machines and artificial thunder and lightning adding to the spooky setting.

Then you hear the galloping (thanks to the bridge's sound system) and the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow rides down the bridge chasing Ichabod! A unseen narrator gives the epilogue of the story and you make your way back to the tavern.

But what's that you see on a dark side road?
It's...the Headless Horseman!

The entire thing is about 90 minutes and was a fantastic experience. If you're within day trip distance of Sturbridge, MA during the Halloween season, it's absolutely worth it!

If you'd like a postcard from "Sleepy Hollow" check yesterday's post for contest details!

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Oct 7, 2018

Halloween Giveaway Contest

How about a little giveaway?
(This is only open to US residents, sorry! )

Winners will get a little magic straight from the Witch City!
These will be postmarked from Salem MA.
I have about 13 up for grabs but will try to accommodate if a few more people enter.
The photo does not show all the designs so you may get a surprise!

And if enough people enter, let's say...13? I will pick 3 people for a Halloween treat bag.
It's nothing to get majorly excited about, just sending some extra Halloween your way.

You can comment with the type you'd prefer.
If your preference isn't available, you're at the mercy of the helper goblins.
Salem (top & bottom rows) 
The type of touristy ones you'd expect showing notable landmarks from around the city.

Art (middle row, Left & Right) 
These are by New England artist Maryanne Piro

Sleepy Hollow (middle center, read more about that tomorrow!)

Please, please use the widget to enter even if you're only commenting on the blog.
It makes it much easier for me to pick the winners.

You can get extra entries by sharing the contest on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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