Oct 4, 2022

Disney Doorables - Haunted Mansion

 Disney Doorables is a series of blind packed characters that are around 1.5 inches tall with big, glittery eyes. This line has been going for years and while Mrs Dex has picked up the occasional Beauty & the Beast or Frozen set, I haven't paid much attention to them until this recent Amazon exclusive set. I didn't even know this was a thing until it appeared on my doorstep. Thanks, Mom!

Doorables are so named because there's usually a door involved, either in the packaging or a mini-playset, and they're adorable. I would love it if they'd do a mini Mansion playset! Or better yet, a series of connectable mini playsets.

Let's go around the back...

Here you can see all 12 of the figures inside and the silhouette of a potential bonus figure. Spoiler alert: I did not get the bonus figure that is obviously Madame Leota in her crystal ball. Why you'd want to make one of the attraction's most recognizable characters a random pack-in, I don't know. I mean, yes money, but $17 a pop to try your luck getting one figure isn't my thing.
The doors creak open...

And you find...more doors! Inside each one is a little sealed bag that you can't see through, keeping the surprise until you open it. I actually enjoy things like this where there's multiple steps to getting to the goodies, it's fun!

Here we have a few of the singing busts: Cousin Algeron, Ned Nub, and Rolo Rumkin. On the bottom are a maid, butler, and the groundskeeper. You can see the glittery eyes on them pretty good here.

Lastly, some of the more spectral Mansion residents with the infamous Hitchhiking Ghosts above a mummy sitting in its coffin, the attic bride, and an opera singer.

This is a fun little set! There's also a Nightmare Before Christmas one that I may be picking up that I spotted in Walmart recently.

If you'd like for these ghosts to follow you home, please don't pay the scalpers selling this for $20+. You can find them on Amazon (affiliate link)

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