Oct 12, 2012

Tragic Royalty Playing Cards & Contest

Quick sidenote: AEIOU is now on Facebook! Why? 
I don't know, just giving it a shot and seeing what happens!

This is a great deck of cards that I've only seen at Target, but I don't believe it's exclusive to them. The copyright on my deck is from 2007.

Tragic Royalty Bicycle playing cards

I pulled all the face cards because they're each unique and quirky in their own way. The Jack of Diamonds and Queen of Clubs look like they're from the same family. I think my favorite is the King of Hearts with his skull face.

It's a little difficult to capture in a photograph but these cards glow under blacklight, which is why they're gray and not white. Also, I don't have a very large blacklight, what do you want for $2.50?

Tragic Royalty blacklight playing cards

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  1. Great job exhibiting the cool card sets! It is a unique and interesting facet related to the Halloween season! I would play cards with The Headless Horseman and his horse. Since he has no head I would assume he has no eyes either. It is hard to see the cards with no eyes so I should win handily...unless the horse can talk to the Horseman in some way..

    1. Thanks! I hoped it would be an interesting way to count down the month.

  2. I think I would play cards with Slimer, the green abomination from Ghostbusters.