Oct 13, 2012

Halloween Tarot and Playing Cards

We've got a two-for for you today from US Gaming Systems, Inc. 
First up is their Halloween Tarot Deck & Book set. 

I used to be into this kind of stuff but more as a collector than anything else. I have a couple of tarot decks, a set of runestones that I actually used for divination in my late teens/early 20s and countless books. My best bud and I kind of got a rep in high school because we'd openly be reading the Necronomicon and Satanic Bible in school. 

I was interested in it all and really liked having what I now call a "Watcher's Bookshelf" with all kinds of books about fortune telling, witchcraft, and the occult. Today, most of the "Watcher's Bookshelf" is about hunting various monsters. I'll have to post a photo this month.

US Gaming Systems Halloween Tarot Deck and Book set
Book not pictured
I got this deck much later in life, mainly because of the amazing Halloween artwork in it. The four suits in the Minor Arcana are Pumpkins, Bats, Ghosts and Imps. Each card has the corresponding number of objects in the artwork. For example, the Six of Pumpkins has six pumpkins on it.

The Major Arcana is stacked with wonderful Halloween images as well. As you can see above, they incorporated Frankenstein's Monster and the Bride but went with a more Nosferatu-like vampire. There's also a black cat that seems to be the mascot as he appears on every card in the deck.

If you're not comfortable having Tarot cards in your home, you can go with their deck of Halloween playing cards. It uses the same art as the Tarot deck but it's cropped to fit within an oval design. Because there are fewer cards in a regular deck of cards, you also don't get all the artwork. It's really almost a crime that they only use part of the full artwork from the Tarot deck because those cards are really wonderful.

US Gaming Systems Halloween playing card deck

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  1. Wow, that makes me think of the Tarot deck I bought as a kid. In High School I went through the same thing, its funny that The Satanic Bible and the Necromicon were what my little gang and I were in to like yourself. It was in the Occult section of Waldenbooks all dark and mysterious.

    1. Yeah it's kinda funny reading the Satanic Bible and finding out it's pretty much a religion like any other.