Oct 5, 2012

2012 Exclusive Halloween Hot Wheels & Contest

A couple weeks ago I posted about the 2012 Target Halloween Hot Wheels 5-pack. This is usually one of my favorite seasonal purchases every year. So why did I post it a couple weeks ago instead of waiting for October? The short version: the pack is horrible and barely Halloween related.

Luckily, a series of five carded Halloween Hot Wheels exclusives are being offered by Krogers's/Fry's this year. Good pal of the blog, Shawn from Branded in the 80s, picked up four out of the five for me. And I'm ok not having them all because that last one isn't one I really wanted.

Let's have a look at how you do Halloween Hot Wheels right!

Hot Wheels 2012 Halloween exclusive Batmobile

Look at that gorgeous card artwork! It's a far cry from the Target box, it screams Halloween. This is the first of the pop culutre vehicles to get a Halloween makeover. Although I have to say, this Batmobile looks like Batgirl snuck it out of the Batcave and had it repainted to match her '66 costume color scheme. It has the Hot Wheels pumpkin logo on the trunk. It's going to keep on speeding down the road over to Brian at Cool and Collected who "doesn't collect Hot Wheels", but has a growing Batmobile collection.

Hot Wheels 2012 Halloween exclusive Ecto 1 Ghostbusters

Next up is the Ecto-1. I really like the black body with green windows, maybe the inside is full of slime? How can you not love that giant Slimer on the hood?

Hot Wheels 2012 Halloween exclusive Fangula

If AEIOU and Sometimes Why had an unofficial Hot Wheels mascot, it would be Fangula. I love this ride and have blogged before on its Halloween deco incarnation and how it even looks sinister when it's not Halloween'd out. Totally diggin the translucent purple roof.

Hot Wheels 2012 Halloween exclusive Hyper Mite

The Hyper Mite is a little bit of a misfire. You can see what they were going for but the shape of the car breaks up the jack o'lantern face a little too much for me. It's even hard to tell looking at it straight on because of that large black area in the front. Have to give them points though for using black, orange, green and purple!

For the curious, the fifth exclusive is the motorcycle, W-Oozie. It was also done up for the 2006 Highway  Horror series.

While not a Halloween exclusive, Hot Wheels also released another ghost bustin ride...

Enter below for your chance to win a Hot Wheels Mystery Machine,
a Halloween deco Fangula and a few other treats!

Contest ends at 12:01 am EST on 10/10 and you can tweet every day for more entries.


  1. Velma. She looks like a woman with hidden depths.

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  3. Sorry, didn't read all of the rules, so I deleted my comment. I think I'd go on a date with Velma (although my wife probably wouldn't approve of this). lol

  4. Oooh I need that Mystery Machine - I still haven't found it locally.

    My answer, without a doubt or moment of hesitation: Velma.

  5. Wow! LOVE that baker card art! That gas pump is awesome!! So is the Mystery Macine and Fangula!! My Hot Wheel collecting husband would love those prizes!! We just completed the Hot Wheels?Hanna Barberra set. Now onto Halloween!!

  6. A date with Shaggy would probably be fun, and smoky, with lots of munchies.
    He'd probably bring his stinky dog though...

  7. Velma would be my ideal Scooby date. Come on, a girl with glasses, a bob haircut, a tight sweater and a miniskirt? Who wouldn't?

  8. Velma. I want to date Velma. Velma all the way. -shiver-. Velmaa. Yes.

  9. Velma! :)

    Love the cars, btw. AWESOME!

  10. Velma, The glasses and the way she shakes it, I mean have you ever seen her boogie down?

  11. Fred. It's all about the ascot.

  12. Fred. I can hang out with Shaggy ... but we're just in the "friend zone" :)

  13. I wanna hang with Shaggy. Pass the Scooby Snacks!!