Oct 8, 2012

Top Trumps Horror

Top Trumps is a popular card game that originated in the UK. Each "pack" of 30 cards is centered around a theme like cars, dinosaurs or pop culture properties. It's played very similar to War. The main difference is that the cards have several categories in which they're ranked. The person whose turn it is selects their best category and the opponent(s) compare that stat on their card and the highest card wins the round and the cards.

I have quite a few packs of Top Trumps cards in the areas of my pop culture interest like Doctor Who and Star Wars. So I was very happy to see them come out with a Horror themed pack a couple years ago featuring all sorts of creeps and spooks.

Top Trumps Horror card game

What makes this particular pack even cooler is that they glow in the dark!
If they're too scary to play with in the dark, they also work well under blacklight.

Top Trumps Horror glow in the dark card game

Check out the Wiki entry to learn more about Top Trumps.
And you can go here to see scans of the vintage '70s/'80s Horror packs.

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