Oct 10, 2012

Haunted Casino playing cards

This deck of cards is produced by Full Moon Direct, formerly Full Moon Features. I've been a huge fan of Full Moon since discovering them in the video store in the early 90s. Anytime they had a new movie out, it was a must rent.

They billed this as "the most unique deck of playing cards in over 100 years." A claim like that coupled with the name Haunted Casino, made this a must have for my playing card collection. They're cool but I think they could've done more to make the cards a little more...I don't know, haunted?

Full Moon Haunted Casino playing cards
click for larger view
As you can see, the face cards are all unique and pretty cool. I like the use of skulls on the ace of clubs and the daggers on the diamonds and hearts, even if they look more like a 3 and 2s respectively. The numeric cards don't have any special designs on them, the pips are gathered more in the middle of the card than spaced out like in a regular deck.

The deck sells for $10 but I managed to get mine during a 50% sale. I'm glad I did because I was expecting a bit more for the price, but it is a good deck of poker sized cards.

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