Oct 16, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 16 - Rubie's Card Games

I have a saved search on Ebay for "Halloween games" but more often than not, it yields the same things every time I check it. Last year, I managed to find these two kids card games from costume maker Rubie's in one auction.
Rubie's Crazy Ates Halloween Card Game

The first one is Crazy Ates, which as you can probably guess, plays like Crazy Eights. The cards in the deck are numbered 1-9 with the standard suits: human hearts, diamond rings, wooden clubs and digging spades. The images on the cards have gross-out dishes like Roast Beast, Eye Scream and Handburger.

Rubie's Old Hag Halloween Card Game

The next one is the Old Hag Card Game, which plays similar to Old Maid. Instead of the normal deck of 51 for Old Maid, this is only a deck of 37. There is the Old Hag card and 18 sets of paired cards. The cards feature funny images which remind me of Halloween themed Garbage Pail Kids. Although I'm not sure what's up with that Kitty Kat card, it kind of looks out of place for a kids game.

There is a third game in this series called The Grossout Game. I have seen this one for auction but to me it's not as Halloween themed as the other two so I've passed on it.

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