Oct 22, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 22 - Hot Wheels Street Creeper

Among the gifts I got for my birthday last month was a Hot Wheels car I hadn't seen before: Street Creeper. This one would have been a good candidate for the lackluster Target 5-pack that came out this year.

Hot Wheels Street Creeper

This is a great looking spider-iffic ride. At first I thought the chrome on the sides were bat wings but quickly figured out they're supposed to be spider webs. You can see it has a set of eight eyes up front on the card art, further adding to the spider-i-ness. According to Hot Wheels wiki, Street Creeper is a new addition to the line this year. Hopefully it will show up with a new paint job in a future Halloween pack.

Hot Wheels Street Creeper card art

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