Oct 14, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 14 - Cereal Killers Series 2

Wax Eye proclaims they're "Home to stuff that'll make your eyes melt" and that's not just good marketing! This year they produced the follow up to their wildly successful Cereal Killers sticker cards.

Both series have been written and painted by Garbage Pail Kids/Wacky Packages artist Joe Simko, so that right there should give you an idea what you're in for, but there's so much more! Each card mashes up a beloved breakfast cereal with a beloved horror movie in ways that will make your inner monster kid growl with delight!

Cereal Killers trading cards
My favorite is Trix R Treat (bottom left)
There are two ways to order to get lots of cards. The first is buying a 24-pack hobby box, like you would any other trading cards. The second is to order them as a set of three mini cereal boxes with each box containing 20 cards. The only downside to the latter is you're not guaranteed a full base set. But how can you not want those boxes? They have a different cereal on the reverse side as well.

In addition to the ghoulishly groovy cards above, there is also a 10 card subset of B&W base cards that feature B&W movie classics like Plan 9, Nosferatu, and Dr. Caligari among others.

And what would a trading card set be without chase cards? There are Silver Spoon foil cards, Sugar Glitter cards (middle, left & center), Glow in the dark fluorescent stickers and sketch cards by various artists to be found.

Some of the card backs are part of a larger image you can put together, just like your favorite card sets from childhood. Some of the backs show an x-ray view of the box (middle, far right). A couple of the backs have the set checklist because, let's face it, as much as you like having the checklist, nobody actually enjoys seeing it when opening a pack!

The absolute best thing about these cards is that Wax Eye is having an all month Halloween 50% off sale! If you place an order this month and check out with code "trixortreat" you'll get half off any hobby boxes or 3 box sets.

No matter if you enjoyed GPK or Wacky Packages as a kid or you still enjoy them now, the Cereal Killers cards should be a must have for any horror fan!

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