Oct 6, 2012

Festival of Frights Playing Cards

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Thursday night was the 17th annual Salem Haunted Happenings Parade. This the is event that kicks off the holiday and tourist season. I took some photos but they didn't come out that great. I'm a little upset at this because I wanted to share some of the activities in Salem with you guys this year. It was a good time despite the threat of rain at any moment.
Lucky for us, it held off.

It's almost like any other town parade you'd expect to see, except we also have costumed pirates, witches (costumed and actual) and the local Ghostbusters chapter with their ECTO-1.

Today's post is the first of many about playing cards, something that hasn't come up much in the blog's regular posting.

The Festival of Frights playing cards were a Target Halloween exclusive a few year ago.

Target exclusive Halloween playing cards Festival of Frights
The deck came packaged with a small bag of pumpkin gumballs that were a "prize" for the game's winner. If you've ever had any of the no-name candy that comes in Target products, you know why I used the quotes there. The card game rules are printed on the back of the box. It's similar to Old Maid, having you remove one mummy from the deck so that one Mummy has no match.
So I guess it's actually Old Mummy!

Being aimed at kids, this deck only has the standard 52 cards and no jokers. The back of the card uses the artwork from the box. The suits are in black and orange instead of the traditional black and red. The face cards have the same set of Trick or Treaters and pumpkin across all suits.

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  1. I like the pictures they are cute! I like the script used for the numbers...makes them look more halloweeney!