Oct 9, 2012

Top Trumps Halloween

As excited as I was about the Horror set, I was even more thrilled to hear there would be a Halloween Top Trumps pack released. The excitement level dropped a bit after seeing the first promo images for the set. The images showed creatures that were in the Horror set and I wasn't sure if they were just reprinting the Horror set with a new look. I was a little hesitant to buy them sight unseen.

As turns out, it's not the same set! There are 10 cards unique to the Horror pack and there are 11 cards unique to the Halloween pack, which works out to about a 1/3 difference in each. Although the artwork for the shared cards is reused here, the vintage monster movie poster style is a great way to present them.

Just like the Horror pack, there's some generic monsters but there's no question who some of them (The Alien) are supposed to be. I absolutely love the fact that there is a Mad Magician card (bottom right), which is one of Vincent Price's lesser known horror roles and one of my Top 10 Price films.

I like the cards as sort of a movie monster pack but I wouldn't market it as Halloween. Maybe a Halloween one would have different types of candy or costumes. Anything to make it feel more like Halloween instead of a monster movie roll call. I want to make a Halloween card or board game that is not only fun but captures the fun of Trick or Treating. If only I had a clue how to design games!

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