Oct 19, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 19 - Playmobil Pumpkin Man & Contest

Last year I blogged about my Halloween Playmobil figures. Some of them were specifically created for Halloween and others have found their way into my collection because they look right at home.

Like LEGO, Playmobil has been running a series of blind-bagged figures. Each series has had at least one figure that I've had to get for my gallery of creeps and spooks. Series 1 had a Grim Reaper and I'm still trying to get a Vampiress from Series 2 .

The latest series brings Pumpkin Man but I prefer to call him Lord of the Harvest.

Playmobil blind bag series 3 pumpkin man

I was able to locate him in the bag very easily due to his unique pitchfork. He's got some good detail in his tattered clothes. I don't know if it's fashionably ok to wear a sash and an ascot but I'm not going to call him on it! The hair is unfortunately molded to the head. I'd like to see what he looks like with just the hat on and no hair. Why does a pumpkin headed man have hair?

And Playmobil will bring us to the final AEIOUwhy contest of the Halloween season.

There will be two winners for this contest!

First place gets to pick their prize and second place gets the other set.
Contest is open to US Residents and ends at 12:01am on 10/24 so I have time to get them out for Halloween.

countdown to halloween 2012 logo


  1. I entered - but I already have the trick-or-treaters. I only want the Vampire so if I win but do not get him, go ahead and discard my entry for someone who needs the kids!

  2. I still need to find that Pumpkin Man and am in for the contest for the Vampire Lord. And i want to wish good luck and Happy Halloween to all that are or will be entered in this contest. : )

  3. I think I'd prefer to see the trick or treaters on my doorstep, but I'd rather win the Vampire Lord. He looks like he might glow in the dark and that makes me happy.:)

  4. I'm in! Thanks for the oppurtunity, these are pretty cool!

  5. I don't know really. I suppose it would be interesting talking to a vampire. lol

  6. Fun contest! I hope I filled out that form correctly. These are all so cute and I like those pumpkins they come in.

  7. I'd love to see the Vampire Lord!

  8. I would like to see trick or treater's. Thanks Dex.