Oct 29, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 29 - The First Halloween Nativity

Way back in May, I posted about a Kickstarter project called The First Halloween Nativity Set. It got here over the weekend just in time for Halloween so I wanted to share the unboxing with you.

Here's the front of the box.
The LEGO guy in the bottom left is so you know how big this thing is!

The back of the box tells the story of the First Halloween. 

Removing the contents can be a bit tricky. It's packed in a Styrofoam tray and after trying to pull it out by hand (see missing chunk on right side) and scattering bits of it everywhere, I figured out you have to slide it out of the box.
LEGO guy again for scale in bottom right
First out is the mausoleum and moon. Sadly, one of the clouds broke off my moon during shipping. I'm trying to superglue it back together. The good news is you can turn the moon around to hide the hole, but it does look a little odd (see final photo). The bad news is the hole that goes on the post seems a little small and doesn't go down far enough to be stable enough for me. As long as it doesn't get bumped, it should stay on fine though.

Hey look! LEGO guy is back! And there's a hole in the moon!
Here is the gargoyle taking the traditional place of an angel atop the structure.

The three wise zombies. They must have eaten LOTS of brains to get that way!

And here's the family: Frankenstein, his Bride and baby Drac.

The guests included a wolfman, a mummy...

and a couple of hell hounds to round out the manger.

Side and front views
And then there was much rejoicing!

The First Halloween Nativity Set

As you can see, the figures are hand painted which, combined with their cuteness, really gives them a nice craft-y look compared to something cranked out by a large corporation.

My one gripe with the whole set is the moon. Broken off cloud aside, the moon is not very thick and I have no doubt if you drop it from waist height on a hard floor that it will shatter like it was hit by the Death Star. But I do understand that it can't be very heavy because of where it needs to be positioned.

I hope these sell really well and the guys can do an add-on pack if for no other reason than I want a Creature in my nativity.

To find out more about this set, including ordering info, visit The First Halloween site.

UPDATE: As you can see from the comments below, they've replaced my broken moon. How's that for customer service! And I never even directly contacted them.

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  1. Great write up! Again, we'll be happy to replace the moon and have been working diligently to fix shipping issues in the first run!

    Tim & Kurt

    1. Thanks Tim! If you look at the 4th photo (click to enlarge), you can see the hole in the moon. I currently have it sitting on a shelf trying to superglue it with an elastic holding them together while the glue sets.

    2. ouch! What's your Kickstarter name? We'll be able to look up your address from that and send it out!

      Tim & Kurt

    3. Emailing you guys right now!

  2. Just so cool Dex i really like it.

    1. Thanks jboy! It only adds to my theory that within the next 5 years we'll be celebrating both holidays though October-December.

  3. I love this. If I had known about the KickStarter I would have jumped on board.

    1. Hey Jamie, you can still buy them right now. We're selling them on eBay and some other sites you can find at http://www.thefirsthalloween.com/buy-now.html

      Happy Holidays!
      Tim & Kurt