Oct 23, 2012

Countdown to Halloween Day 23 - Shock! Terror! Fear!

Today we're going to start dipping into the classic audio of our favorite holiday!
Also, it's kind of a lazy post because I'm a bit under the weather today.

First up, is Frankie Stein and His Ghouls released on Power Records.
A total of five LPs were released during 1964-1965, this is their second: Shock! Terror! Fear!

The music is typical of the 60's surf/dance rock  that was cranked out to appeal to that generation of Monster Kids with horror sounds added to make them a bit creepier. Each of the song titles lets you know the type of dance it goes with such as watusi, twist, etc. so you know which moves to bust out!

frankie stein and his ghouls

Who's Afraid of the Weerdo Wolf (Watusi)
Bodies Under the Bridge (Swim, Twist)
Slay Boy (Fox Trot, Hully Gully)
Horror Staccato (Monkey, Lindy)
Ankle Twist (Twist)
Doom at Midnight (Frug)
Stoned (Monkey, Watusi)
Stoned Again (Monkey, Watusi, Lindy, Twist)
The Ghostman Rings Twice (Mashed Potato)
 Doomsday (Fox Trot)

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  1. I'm listening now, at the end of what has been an extremely shitty day, and it's helping me chill. Thanks for this!