Oct 7, 2012

Feast of Flesh XII

In addition to other activities around Salem, the Feast of Flesh has become an annual Halloween tradition for me. I went to my first one back in 2007 because west coast horror-surf band The Ghastly Ones were performing and I didn't think I'd have many chances to catch them live. That night changed my life.
You can see pics from that night here.

What is the Feast of Flesh you ask? I can tell you in words, I can usher you through my photos, but the truth is that the only way for you to truly find out is to experience it live. There is a unique vibe all night long that is something you just can't put into words.
Here we go!
As always, the show begins at midnight.

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner

I got there around 11:20pm and there were a good 50-60 people waiting in line already. Part of the night's festivities include a zombie costume contest and there were quite a few people in costume.

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner Thing 1 Thing 2 zombies

At around 12:20am the doors opened and people started shuffling into the theater. I've been to a few of these over the years and I can't recall one that started at midnight. But that's not a bad thing, it gives you a chance to socialize with the other weirdos in line. On your way into the theater, you get a gory goodie bag with candy from one of the Black Cat Burlesque girls.

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner

The first act of the evening (or morning!) is usually a local band. This year it was Black Thai, a stoner/doom metal group. They belted out a few headbangin tunes and then it was time for the host to take the stage...

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner Black Thai

J Cannibal is a real life undertaker, zombie enthusiast and co-founder of Black Cat Burlesque, a troupe of girls dedicated to putting the BUMP back into the night. Up next, is the first part of the zombie costume contest.

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner zombie costume contest
Note the girl to the right of J Cannibal with the zombie fetus
For the first event, the 12 contestants have to give their best zombie "BRRAAAAIIIINNS!" Winners are voted on by the audience. The contestants are cut in half...that is to say, half of them advance to round 2. But before that, we get the first act from Black Cat Burlesque!

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner black cat burlesque

The gals do a little number to Alice Cooper's "Feed My Frankenstein." This is one of those parts that you really have to see for yourself. Suffice it to say, by the end of the song all that's left are pasties and panties. Then it's on to round two of zombies.

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner zombie costume contest

In round one, they said what they wanted, now they have to go get it. Contestants have to cross the stage in their best zombie shuffle. The audience votes but one zombie (above) manages to avoid the ax and head to the final round with the other three remaining zombies.

Then legendary performer Devilicia takes the stage for a Nosferatu inspired burlesque act.

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner Black Cat Burlesque Devilicia Nosferatu

Unfortunately, I didn't get any good shots but here's the rundown: A couple find a crypt and out pops Nosferatu. She enthralls the girl and makes her tear her boyfriend's throat out with blood gushing on to the stage. During all this, the girls' clothes come off. Then Nosferatu and her new vamp climb into the crypt and it starts a rockin as the lights go down.

Final round of the zombie costume contest is....

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner zombie dance off

Naturally, a zombie dance off! J Cannibal and some of the girls join in with the zombies and one is declared winner by the crowd. It was "Faceless zombie" the guy on the far left, above. After that, it's time for the final Black Cat performance starring J Cannibal's real-life partner in grime: Mary Widow.

Feast of Flesh 2012 Coolidge Corner Mary Widow Jesus
Yes, I said Mary. This Jesus is a woman!
I'm going to do my best describing this number without the blog being hit by lightning, leaving out quite a bit of simulated lewd behavior at various points! Jesus comes out to Depeche Mode's "Personal Jesus" and proceeds "cure" a couple of black robed figures of their ailments. But the black clad figures toss off their robes revealing scantily clad evil women. They strip Jesus of her robe (she keeps the hair and beard for the whole act) down to her white bra (with red crosses on the cups) and panties.

The witches restrain Jesus as one of them places a crown of thorns on her head. Then four of them hold up cardboard squares in a cross shape and she's "crucified." One of the witches comes out like a boxing ring girl with a sign that says Zombie Jesus. Jesus rises from the cross and J Cannibal returns to the stage to join in lip synching as "Jesus Christ Superstar" starts playing. Then everyone launches into a dance number with the witches.
It was unbelievable!

UPDATE: Here is a link to a video of this number.
DO NOT watch if my description offends you.

Finally, if this all wasn't enough bang for your buck, the night concludes as it always does with a horror classic. This year's pick was Re-Animator. Seeing these movies in a theater with other fans is a great experience and sometimes turns into a live MST3k viewing.

Lastly, you get home at 4am and go to sleep!

If you stuck with it this far, congrats and thanks! There are a few more pics on Flickr.
Here's another set of pics by an actual photographer.
Below is a video I took a few years ago of Black Cat Burlesque doing their take on The Exorcist. While there is no nudity, there is a lot of skin.

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  1. WOW! That looks like ALOT of fun! I always liked going to concerts in the GWAR and Green Jello vein...always sooooo much fun!! This seems like a festival of fun :)