Oct 31, 2023

Monthly Media Recap - October 2023

As is tradition, the Monthly Media Recap is live earlier than normal in case you're looking for something to watch after the little ghouls are in their graves. All links below are Amazon affiliated for which I may earn for qualifying purchases.


Ahsoka (2023, Disney+)
As much as I enjoyed this, this is where they start alienating the casual fans that haven't watched season upon season of an animated series. It's still watchable without that knowledge but it's not going to mean a whole lot to you if you don't know who the main characters were before this.

Creepshow (S4, Shudder)
A lot of these have a Tales from the Crypt vibe and that's fine with me! It seemed like a lot of them were "despicable person does bad thing and gets what they deserve." Still plenty of gory, ghoulish fun!

Mickey & Friends Trick or Treats (2023, Disney+)
This was a lot better than I was expecting. Maybe it's the stop motion animation but this was like curling up in a warm blanket of Halloween nostalgia feels.


I got a free trial of Screambox and have been enjoying it. The one thing that makes me hesitate to fully sign up is that they don't have a Fire TV app which is how I watch most apps on TV. It's not like I don't have Shudder already. How many streaming horror channels do you need? 
Over the course of the month, I unintentionally watched four different movies that take place at a haunted attraction! The third one only partially but still it was a fun coincidence.

If you can get through the opening 15-20 minute setup/exposition dump, you're in for a good time. A Halloween haunt is setup to host escaped serial killers and naturally, the patrons think it's all part of the show! This one is definitely a bit jokey in places but it's got some good kills to keep you entertained.

Rating: 6/10

I saw the first one back in 2019 so I'm fuzzy on the original story details but this keeps with the original's 80s slasher throwback roots. It almost reminds me of something Full Moon Pictures would have done in the 90s when they were still good. The baddie designs are fantastic and there's more horror icon guest spots than you can shake a severed arm at.

Rating: 6/10

It's got plenty of brutal killing and what could be an interesting villain but something about it just never clicked with me. I don't know if it's the acting or the way the story is being told that keeps it from being better than a generic slasher. It was making me think of Halloween Kills, and that's not a good thing.

Rating: 5/10

Another franchise I'm returning to after too long to remember the original. It definitely has parts that are creepy but the story was just okay this time. I guess I'll watch the third one to finish the series?
Rating: 5/10
V/H/S/ 85 (2023, Shudder)
Anthologies can be hit or miss but this one seems to hit for the majority of it. There's one story that was certainly a weak link for me, but it wasn't terrible, just a bit predictable. What I really like about the VHS series is that they always keep me on edge a little because I'm never sure what's coming next even in the individual stories. The found footage/VHS gimmick is stretched about as far as it could be in the wraparound segment but I wasn't thinking about it much while watching.

Rating: 7/10

Warning: this trailer has tiny bits of gore

This is a great example of how to make a ridiculous, fun, cheesy movie. I'm a sucker for "animals gone awry" flicks anyway but making it something silly like horseshoe crabs makes it that much better. It's weird and funny which makes it easy to forgive some of the effects. If anything, they just add to the schlock value.

Rating: 7/10

After Sabrina, I will pretty much watch anything with Kiernan Shipka in it, even if it's a bad Quiet Place knockoff with Stanley Tucci. This, however, is just below Freaky and Happy Death Day in the horror/comedy realm for me. It's a little light on the gore but I think that makes this a good gateway horror candidate. The 80s stuff is used for humor to good effect and doesn't try to beat you over the head with nostalgia.
Rating: 7/10 

Had it not been for online buzz, I may never have seen this and what a crime that would have been! I'm not including a trailer because it's best gone into cold. There is some unexpected, brutal stuff here and it never goes overboard with the gore which makes it all the more horrifying. The perfect way to cap off your Halloween night if you need something to get under your skin.

Rating: 8/10

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  1. Great bunch of stuff! I liked Totally Killer, a lot. V/H/S 85 wasn't as big a hit, for me.

    🎃👻🦇 Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🦇