Oct 3, 2023

Haunted Halloween Boardgame

 Fully funded in under 48 hours, Haunted Halloween is a game I'm very excited to see coming!

For a long time, I've had this idea for a tabletop game where you play as kids trick or treating. I thought it might be a card game where you pick another player to "trick or treat" at their house. The treats would have different points from 0 for pennies or a toothbrush to 10 for full size candy bars. They would have to give you a treat from their hand or play something like "Lights Out" or "No One Home".  
You'd also have trick cards! Get a low score treat or no treat at all? You can play a trick like "Eggs", "TP", or "Flaming Bag of Poo" to boost your points. (Honestly, I just want to make this game to have a FBoP card.) Of course there would be trick counters like "Door Cam" or "Big Kids".

Anyway, this is as far as my idea has gotten but the fine family at Castle Clark Games are Kickstarting this Haunted Halloween board game which feels like the game in my head made real (minus the trick part).

The campaign ends on October 12th so there's still time to jump in on this. I went in for the deluxe edition because the upgraded parts look great. I'm really hoping they add the standee figures as a stretch goal (they may have by the time this post goes live) because seeing the standee figures really takes me back to playing board games as a kid. And if you can't feel like a kid playing a game about Trick or Treating, when can you?

If you happen to be a game designer and my idea sounds cool, please contact me :)

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