Oct 14, 2020

Disney's Haunted Mansion

 Well, today was supposed to kick off Halloween Hot Wheels Wednesday. Despite the cars shipping out on Sept. 25th, they just arrived last night. Not enough time for me to pull a post together. In the meantime, enjoy this hastily put together post featuring Disney's Haunted Mansion stuff. 
Last year, I posted about a Haunted Mansion read along book/record set that was used in schools. 
The post has a link to download the audio and book.

Thanks to a recent episode of the Purple Stuff Podcast, I found out about this rocking cover of Grim Grinning Ghosts. The video is pretty fun for Mansion fans, there's plenty of visual references in addition to ride audio in the song.

This is one of my favorite behind the scenes/making of videos on the Mansion. Before there was the internet as we know it, I bought this on DVD. Not only is it a great history of the ride but there are plenty of interviews with the people that made it happen.

Lastly, the Internet Archive has the 1975 Disneyland Haunted Mansion standard operation procedures handbook for cast members. As a Disney park fan, I find this stuff fascinating because it's a peak behind the curtain at how things work.

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  1. This is all very cool! I showed my daughter some videos of the Haunted Mansion this week and she was very interested. We ended up watching the movie on Disney Plus, too.

  2. They did some good things in the movie but overall, as a Mansion fanatic, I didn't think it was great. Still hoping for a new movie at some point.